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Is re-mortgaging an option?

Why you should re-mortgage

  • Your current deal is about to end.
  • You want a better rate.
  • Your home’s value has gone up…a lot.
  • You’re worried about interest rates going up.
  • You want to overpay & your lender won’t let you.
  • You want to switch from interest-only to repayment mortgage.
  • You want to borrow more.

Why you shouldn’t re-mortgage

  • Your debt amount is really small
  • Your early repayment charge is large.
  • Your circumstances have changed.
  • Your home’s value has dropped.
  • You have very little equity.
  • You’ve had credit problems since taking out your last mortgage.
  • You’re already at a great rate.

If you fit in any of the 2 lists above come and talk to the Luxe team to look at your options. It won’t hurt to talk and find out more.

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