What to consider when choosing an estate agent to sell your property.

These points are taken from our customers and why they chose the Luxe Team. Are they in the vicinity of where you wish to sell your home? Are they honest about the price of your home? Many agents will offer you an above-market valuation just to bring you on with them. The disadvantage of this […]

Is re-mortgaging an option?

Why you should re-mortgage Your current deal is about to end. You want a better rate. Your home’s value has gone up…a lot. You’re worried about interest rates going up. You want to overpay & your lender won’t let you. You want to switch from interest-only to repayment mortgage. You want to borrow more. Why […]

Broker or Lender? What’s the best option?

A mortgage broker has the ability to search the entire marketplace to look for the best possible solution. They are not tied down to anyone’s institution. Whereas a direct lender such as a bank will only offer what they have specifically and decide whether or not you qualify for their products. You will have to […]

Are you overpaying for your mortgage and don’t know it?

As you may not be aware but Banks and Building societies have increased the difference between their fixed-rate mortgage deals and standard variable rate mortgages. This is affecting most long-term mortgage customers around the UK. Why are they doing this? Well, the answer is simple, to boost their overall profit margins and they are taking […]