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What to consider when choosing an estate agent to sell your property.

These points are taken from our customers and why they chose the Luxe Team.

  • Are they in the vicinity of where you wish to sell your home?
  • Are they honest about the price of your home? Many agents will offer you an above-market valuation just to bring you on with them. The disadvantage of this is that your property will not sell for months which can hinder your plans moving forward. If you are unsure and feel someone has undervalued your home compared to other agents, just ask for proof and agents like Luxe Residential will provide you with up to date market evidence. Just think, sell your home at a realistic price in a realistic time or be sold a dream and not move on? The choice is yours.
  • When is the agent willing to do viewings? Many agents will have fixed times of when they are willing to do viewings. This isn’t ideal as schedules of others can vary so the agent must adapt. This is why the Luxe team does not have any restrictions and will adapt to the customer.
  • Does the agent have contacts within the industry? This can be quite important for the seller as many times agents will have people waiting for an investment opportunity or just for their next home. Always ask the agent to explore this possibility.
  • What other services does the agent offer? If the agent has other services such as financial services this can be a huge advantage. You will then be able to fulfill all the goals of acquiring a new mortgage and sell your home in one location. Times saved and peace of mind.
  • Is the agent available to talk to or meet? This may sound silly but you will be surprised how often estate agents close during the working day and therefore become uncontactable. Always confirm opening hours and availability.
  • Are they professional and presentable? Imagine a scruffy rude agent showing your house to a prospective buyer. How would you feel being taken around a home by a person who isn’t professional? No matter how nice your home is, the agent can ruin the experience.
  • If an agent has many homes to sell doesn’t mean they are good at selling them. Many agents will sit on a lot of properties due to overpricing them in the first place. We know what comes next, a phone call to talk about reducing the price.
  • Does the agent have time for you? Many agents just want your property and off you go. The Luxe team will talk to you about how to maximise the potential of your home and advise you on how to make the property more appealing to the potential buyer. We will also be happy to answer any questions at any point instead of making you feel you are wasting our time.
  • Look at the office culture. Many agents have a lazy workforce or a team who is disconnected with the business they work for. The Luxe team are like a family and work alongside each other for a common goal, to make the customer happy.
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